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Leaving services

Relocation Agency and consulting for Swiss paperwork
We help our clients to unsubscribe and terminate their contracts and subscriptions.
  • Termination of the lease and apartment checks
  • Find a new tenant
  • Cleaning the housing
  • Termination of contracts (TV, Internet, electricity, gas etc.)
  • Termination Insurances (house, contents etc.)
  • Advert to the local authorities
    residential permit management, driver license
  • Forward the mail

Find a new tenant

Most rent leases commit the tenant to pay till the anniversary date of the contract. To avoid wasting moneys, it is possible to break the contract by providing a new tenant, of the new tenant meets the conditions.
Helvetio can support the announce publishing and manage the visits to seek a new tenant and to avoid waste of rents.

Termination of contracts and subscriptions

We assist you in your contract terminations:
  • Internet, TV and phone provider
  • Mobile operator
  • Electricity, gas, water service
  • Insurances

    We contact and we cancel insurance contracts:
  • Social insurances (LAMAL, AVS/AI, LPP, AC, LAA, ALFA)
  • Common insurances(liability, household, car, legal, traffic, etc.)
  • Lease and checkout

    We perform the termination of the lease agreement and the checkout with the property management.

    Advert to the local authorities

    We inform the following organizations of your leaving:
  • Tax Office
  • City
  • Cantonal Migration Service: residence permit
  • TV and Radio license fee Billag
  • Contact us